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The underappreciated genius of retro video game fonts

By Anne Quito Toshi Omagari plays arcade games for the fonts. Over the last few years, the Japanese type-designer-turned-retro-font archivist has been assembling pixel-based alphabets from arcade games such as Tank 8, Space Invaders, and Street Fighter. “There are actually

Artist Ben Rubin creates monsters in New York City subways

The crowded streets and the deafening noises of the city can really bring out the “monster” in anyone. That’s why at the end of the day, New York City subway commuters would rather spend their journey inside their own little bubble.

19 portraits of famous dyslexics…

Portraits of famous dyslexics made to highlight the condition. Vince Low is on a mission to educate the world about dyslexia.

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Retro technology: the last audio cassette factory

“I think you can characterize our operating model as stubbornness and stupidity,” The National Audio Company opened in 1969 and hasn’t stopped production since.

RIP AIM: AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down after 20 years

AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down after 20 years

RIP AIM: Shutting down after 20 years. AIM the pioneering chat app that taught us to text is pulling the plug. On December 15th, 2017 AOL Instant Messenger will shut down…

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5 Reasons to Fire Your Client

I like money. Clients give me money (when everything goes right). Ergo, therefore, and hopefully: clients = money, more clients = more money…

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TailJar: I Add Monsters To Everyday Life To Make It More Fun

Adelaide, Australia artist Jasper St Aubyn West draws all sorts of fun cartoon monsters and adds them on top of photos featuring real world scenes. He visualizes ferocious beasts gobbling up subway cars, relaxing in a hotel room, and more. Jasper’s entire collection of “monster scribbles” are available to view on Instagram and his blog.

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Windows turns 30: a visual history

Microsoft launched its first version of Windows on November 20th, 1985, to succeed MS-DOS. It was a huge milestone that paved the way for the modern versions of Windows we use today.

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10 Things Designers Freaking Hate With a Passion

Being a designer is awesome. We get to make cool stuff in Photoshop and get paid for it. I think it’s pretty high on the list of cool ways to make a living. That being said, there are some things

Hillvetica, the Hillary Clinton-inspired font

Hillvetica maintains the bold, patriotic red-and-blue color scheme; the arrows are meant to remind you that Hillary is going places.