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The underappreciated genius of retro video game fonts

By Anne Quito Toshi Omagari plays arcade games for the fonts. Over the last few years, the Japanese type-designer-turned-retro-font archivist has been assembling pixel-based alphabets from arcade games such as Tank 8, Space Invaders, and Street Fighter. “There are actually

Artist Ben Rubin creates monsters in New York City subways

The crowded streets and the deafening noises of the city can really bring out the “monster” in anyone. That’s why at the end of the day, New York City subway commuters would rather spend their journey inside their own little bubble.

19 portraits of famous dyslexics…

Portraits of famous dyslexics made to highlight the condition. Vince Low is on a mission to educate the world about dyslexia.

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Hillvetica, the Hillary Clinton-inspired font

Hillvetica maintains the bold, patriotic red-and-blue color scheme; the arrows are meant to remind you that Hillary is going places.

How To Be Happy? [Infographic]

Happiness comes in various forms and it has a different definition to different people. To help identify the biological and psychology factors behind happiness, WebpageFX has created an infographic. Titled ‘The Science of Happiness’, it points out the various factors

The Cost of being a Superhero [Infographics]

It’s not cheap being a superhero these days, what with the burden of keeping a secret identity, dry cleaining the costume and in some cases, living a certain lifestyle to secure their secrecy. Mashable and Samsung teamed up to show

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Bond cars Infographic

Everyone has a favourite Bond girl, but what’s your favourite Bond car? Infographic by Evans Halshaw. View the interactive version.