Hillvetica, the Hillary Clinton-inspired font

Hillvetica, the Hillary Clinton-inspired font


by Tricia Gilbride

Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s new logo for her 2016 presidential bid, graphic design is at the forefront of the American political conversation.

The fate of the United States will clearly all come down to branding (and candidates’ takes on the issues, I guess). That’s why designer Rick Wolff came up with Hillvetica, inspired by the font used in Clinton’s official logo unveiled in a video on Sunday.


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Hillvetica maintains the bold, patriotic red-and-blue color scheme; the arrows are meant to remind you that Hillary is going places.

Wolff is currently working to make Hillvetica a downloadable font, presumably for Hillary supporters to create PowerPoint presentations. There is no word on whether Comic Rands or Times New Rubio are in development.

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