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5 Reasons to Fire Your Client

I like money. Clients give me money (when everything goes right). Ergo, therefore, and hopefully: clients = money, more clients = more money…

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Windows turns 30: a visual history

Microsoft launched its first version of Windows on November 20th, 1985, to succeed MS-DOS. It was a huge milestone that paved the way for the modern versions of Windows we use today.

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10 Things Designers Freaking Hate With a Passion

Being a designer is awesome. We get to make cool stuff in Photoshop and get paid for it. I think it’s pretty high on the list of cool ways to make a living. That being said, there are some things

13 Podcasts for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

iTunes reported that the number of podcast subscribers passed 1 billion. The best Podcasts for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

The Origin of the Word Freelance…


The Origin of the Word Freelance and Why it Should Make Us Happy

When is the Right Time for a Website Redesign?

A Question Worth Asking… Professional services firms with high growth are twice as likely to have redesigned their sites in the last twelve months than their counterparts who experienced average growth.

9 Social Marketing Ideas for Online Communities

Your website can, and should, be social. With online communities for social marketing, you can increase awareness, build brand loyalty and deepen customer engagement.

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