Hillvetica, the Hillary Clinton-inspired font

Hillvetica maintains the bold, patriotic red-and-blue color scheme; the arrows are meant to remind you that Hillary is going places.

13 Podcasts for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

iTunes reported that the number of podcast subscribers passed 1 billion. The best Podcasts for Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

Infographic: Evolution of Slogans

Let’s take a look at advertising slogans through history, along with how they’ve changed – or haven’t.

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The Origin of the Word Freelance…


The Origin of the Word Freelance and Why it Should Make Us Happy

Images for Occupy.com

A gallery collection of some of the image collages created for the articles on occupy.com

A million lines of code

Is a million lines of code a lot? How many lines are there in Windows? Facebook? iPhone apps?

Reset The Net

The movement against mass government surveillance is at a crossroads. It is time to Reset The Net! #ResetTheNet

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BKLYN Photos

“Random shit I see in Brooklyn NY…” From BKLYN Album on Facebook, posted by Noah on 7/28/2008 – Present

“Tibetan Monks” Breakdance For Beastie Boys’ MCA (Adam Yauch)

In what may seem as a more unconventional nod by some, four Buddhist monks took to Union Square, the site of the first MCA Day, to put on a tribute to the Beastie Boys’ Adam Yauch by breakdancing to some of their biggest hits.

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My lil’ universe

“My lil’ universe” Sterographic images from my travels and life.