Heart Partner app promo video

Heart Partner app promo video. Client: McCann/Novartis Project Type: Video Date: July 1, 2016  

“Tomorrow Sunrise” Print Ad

Entresto “Tomorrow Sunrise” two page spread magazine advertisement. Client: McCann/Entresto/Novartis Project Type: Print Ad Date: April 30, 2017  

Entresto Central Email Newsletter

Entresto Central Summer Email/Newsletter Client: McCann/Entresto/Novartis Project Type: CRM Email Date: April 6, 2017 Note: ISI has been remove for display (if you know what ISI is then you know how it looks).

“Completer” Print Ad

Mirena “Completer” magazine advertisement. Designed to target Moms with 2.5 kids, who are looking for a 3-5 year birth control device. Client: McCann/Mirena/Bayer Project Type: Print Ad Date: March 30, 2016  

“HF Symptoms” In-Office Poster

  “Heart Failure Symptoms” In-Office Poster (unbranded Entresto). Client: McCann/Entresto/Novartis Project Type: Print Poster Date: Jan 30, 2017  

Heart Failure Aware logo design

Heart Failure Aware logo design. Client: McCann/Novartis Project Type: Logo Design Date: July 1, 2016  

AXN.com Europe

AXN is a global television channel offering the most popular action-adventure TV series, blockbuster features, reality, movies and shows.