Hand-crafted Creativity!

My creative process has four major phases: Define, Design, Develop and Deliver. Each phase of the process has been carefully designed to give clients an active role in bringing their projects to life. From concept to completion the brand and message are in the forefront of every project.

Process: Define - Sitemap
Process: Define - Sitemap
Process: Define - Wireframe


The first phase in the creative process is to get to know the client and define their communication problems. Before taking any steps toward a design, we research and learn everything we can about the client’s business, products and services, current position, and how the organization wants to be perceived. Information drives great design. It is collected through several means; questionnaires, interviews, marketing research, investigating industry trends, and collecting data on their customers and competition. Once we understand the equation we strategically solve it.



After having a clear picture of the problem we turn to creativity to find the solution. This phase gives the shape and feel to the project. We then break this down into three important stages.


A wide range of design directions will be created for the team to analyze. Three ideas will then be chosen for internal development.


Three variations will be developed into tight mock-ups. These will be posted to the project site for client review. One idea will be chosen for final development.


The chosen comp is then refined and expanded. It is then presented for a final client review. On client approval the project then moves to the next stage in our process.

Process: Develop - Code
Process: Develop - Servers
Process: Develop - Code


Now the fun really starts. The production stage takes the detailed concept and pulls it into reality. Any additional illustrations, photographs, icons or other graphic elements are developed at this time. These graphics will be created and optimized for the medium. For interactive projects the code and database programming for the site will be created at this time and a functioning version of the site will be produced. In the end, a clean, working site will bring once intangible ideas to a professional light.

Process: Deliver - Covalent Productions
Process: Deliver - Friend Search HTML5 Game
Process: Deliver -
Process: Deliver -
Process: Deliver -


Once the development is completed, quality assurance and testing begin. At this point our team will thoroughly test the project for any problems or bugs. Any problems found will be fixed and a final version will be presented to the client.